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Top Secrets for Lasting Passionate Love – Video Series

I am so excited to introduce my newest web series, “Top Secrets for Lasting, Passionate Love”. In 3 exciting episodes, I will share vital tips on cultivating intimacy, showing appreciation and gratitude and practicing “care-full” communication. All aimed at bringing you closer to the one you love.


Together with my partner, Tom Clifton, cofounder of Animoto (the online video creation site), we’ll show you how easy and powerful it is to use VIDEO to create personal meaningful expressions of love.


When’s the last time you and your partner took the evening off for a romantic evening or special date? Do you ever wonder where that spark went? During this series I’ll be talking about “Cultivating Intimacy”…how to revitalize that special, “in love” feeling between you and your partner.


Tom Clifton, co-founder of Animoto (the online video creation site), is going to show us how to do this with video! It’s so simple and easy – you can pull it off in just a few minutes. Check it out in these videos! So easy to do and yet it will make such a profound impact on your relationship!


Get started creating a video for your loved one. Sign up for Animoto Plus.

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