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Illicit Encounters Review 2023 – An In-Depth Look at the Online Dating Platform

Illicit Encounters Review 2023 – An In-Depth Look at the Online Dating Platform

Illicit Encounters Review 2023 – An In-Depth Look at the Online Dating Platform

Illicit Encounters is an online dating site catering to a specific target audience of married people seeking discreet affairs and long-term relationships outside their marriage. What sets Illicit Encounters apart from other dating sites is its commitment to maintaining user privacy and security, ensuring that members can explore extramarital relationships without the fear of data breaches or exposure.

Illicit Encounters: A Gateway to Unconventional Connections

Are you tired of traditional dating sites? Illicit Encounters unravels an online platform that caters exclusively to married people seeking extramarital affairs in a discreet manner. Wondering if this controversial niche can truly fulfill the longing for passion, explore long-term relationships outside the bounds of matrimony and maintain utmost privacy even after a recent data breach? Let’s delve into this unconventional realm where illicit encounters find sanctuary.

Statistics Values
Active audience 500,000+
Quality matches 90%
Popular age 30-45 years old
Profiles 1.2 million+
Reply rate 85%
Ease of use 9/10
Popularity High
Fraud Low
Rating 4.5/5
Registration Free
Illicit Encounters Review 2023 – An In-Depth Look at the Online Dating Platform

Pros & Cons

  • – Illicit Encounters is a legit platform with plenty of positive reviews from satisfied users who found exactly what they were looking for.
  • – The site’s customer support team is always ready to assist you, ensuring your experience is safe and hassle-free.
  • – Unlike other dating websites, Illicit Encounters has strict policies against fake profiles and fake accounts, giving you peace of mind when browsing through potential matches.
  • – Illicit Encounters, according to some customer reviews, is swarmed with fake profiles that make you question if anyone on there is real.
  • – While it claims to be a legit site for discreet affairs, the abundance of fake accounts can leave you wondering if it’s just a breeding ground for catfishers and scammers.
  • – If anything goes wrong or you have any concerns, good luck getting help from their customer support team – they’re about as reliable as my Wi-Fi connection during a thunderstorm.

Illicit Encounters Review 2023 – An In-Depth Look at the Online Dating Platform

How Does Illicit Encounters Work?

Illicit Encounters is an online dating platform that caters specifically to individuals seeking discreet affairs. Launched by Online Tech Support Ltd., the website has been serving its clients for a few years now. With Illicit Encounters, users can create and manage their accounts, complete with private images and separate email addresses for added discretion.

On Illicit Encounters, both male and female users can find profiles of like-minded individuals who are looking for discreet affairs.

The platform boasts a significant number of genuine women, ensuring that there are plenty of options for men who are interested in connecting with someone new. While there may be more male users on the site, the gender ratio remains balanced enough to ensure everyone has a chance to find a suitable match.

Key features of Illicit Encounters include an "invisible mode" option that allows users to browse other profiles without being seen. Premium members gain access to additional functionalities such as the ability to send messages and virtual gifts. It’s important to note that some automated actions do exist on the site, such as auto-generated messages.

However, overall user experience remains highly interactive and engaging through various membership levels like Gold Plus Membership, which offers enhanced benefits and support from Online Tech Support Ltd.’s team of experts.

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How to Make Contact on Illicit Encounters

Looking for ways to connect with other Illicit Encounters users? Look no further. In this section, we will explore the various contact options available on the platform, catering to both male and female users seeking discreet affairs. Whether you are a genuine woman interested in connecting with a few more guys or a man looking to interact with like-minded individuals, our article has got you covered. Stay tuned as we delve into features such as online tech support, auto-generated messages, invisible mode, and much more that can enhance your experience on Illicit Encounters!

  • Illicit Encounters provides a platform for male and female users to connect with one another discreetly and engage in genuine conversations.
  • With a valid Illicit Encounters account, users can browse through profiles of other members, including genuine women and a few more guys, using the online platform offered by Online Tech Support Ltd.
  • By upgrading to a Gold Plus membership, users gain access to additional features such as sending messages and virtual gifts, while also enabling auto-renewal and benefiting from customer support provided by Online Tech Support Ltd.

Users of Illicit Encounters have several options to make contact with other members on the platform. Firstly, they can use the search function to browse through profiles and find potential matches based on specific criteria such as location, age range, or interests. Once a user finds someone they are interested in, they can send them messages directly through the site’s messaging system.

Additionally, users also have the option to connect with others through virtual gifts. These virtual presents can be sent to another member to show interest or grab their attention. To unlock even more features for contacting others on Illicit Encounters, users may consider upgrading their accounts to a Gold Plus membership which provides access to additional benefits like priority customer support from Online Tech Support Ltd and sending unlimited messages.

With an illicit encounters account, both male and female users can discreetly explore connections with genuine women or seek out a few more guys looking for discreet affairs – making sure everyone is on the same page about expectations right from the start. It’s worth mentioning that it’s important for users who value privacy and discretion not only use separate email addresses but also take advantage of features like Invisible Mode which allows them to visit profiles without being detected by other users.

Illicit Encounters offers premium memberships where access to exclusive features becomes available; along with that comes certain precautions one must take while using these enhanced tools: auto-renew should be considered when signing up so there is no interruption during usage (though this feature can definitely be disabled at any time), private images appear alongside other user’s profiles allowing one greater visibility depending upon circumstances surrounding preference in terms being seen versus keeping things hidden away while still remain engaging far-flung viewers via direct message exchange before ultimately deciding whether connecting offsite pans out mutually advantageous – offering peace-of-mind knowing sharing those intimate moments remains within designated circles rather than flashing passersby casually browsing around indiscriminately!

Illicit Encounters Review 2023 – An In-Depth Look at the Online Dating Platform

Registration Process

Are you interested in joining Illicit Encounters, the popular extramarital dating site in the UK? Before diving into the registration process, it’s worth considering the cost associated with accessing their services.

To join Illicit Encounters, the UK’s leading dating website for married people seeking affairs, follow these three simple steps:

  1. Visit the official website of Illicit Encounters: https://www.illicitencounters.com.
  2. Click on the "Join Now" or "Register" button located on the homepage.
  3. Fill in the necessary information, including your email address, chosen username, password, location, and date of birth. Please note that while joining Illicit Encounters is free, there is a cost associated with some features and membership options.

Remember to exercise caution and discretion when engaging with the platform to ensure privacy and confidentiality.

To take the next step in exploring dating opportunities outside of a committed relationship, you can join Illicit Encounters. This popular online platform, specifically designed for individuals seeking discreet connection and companionship across the UK, offers an easy and confidential way to meet like-minded individuals. As with any service, there is a cost associated with becoming a member on Illicit Encounters.

To create a profile on Illicit Encounters once registered, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official website of Illicit Encounters UK.
  2. Click on the "Join Illicit Encounters" button to begin the registration process.
  3. Fill in the required information such as your gender, date of birth, email address, and choose a screen name and password.
  4. Read and accept the terms and conditions provided by Illicit Encounters.
  5. Choose a membership option that suits you based on features and duration (costs may vary).
  6. Proceed with the payment process to complete your subscription. Different payment methods may be available.
  7. Once your payment is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email or notification regarding your successful registration.
  8. Log in to your newly created Illicit Encounters account using your screen name and password.
  9. Complete your profile by providing additional details about yourself, interests, and what you are looking for in a partner discreetly.
  10. Upload photos of yourself if desired, keeping in mind the privacy and secrecy required when engaging in affairs on Illicit Encounters.
  11. Customize your profile settings and preferences to ensure compatibility with potential matches.
  12. It’s recommended to review your profile before making it visible to other members, ensuring accuracy and appropriateness.
  13. Start browsing profiles of other Illicit Encounters members and initiate contact by sending discreet messages to individuals who catch your interest.

Please note that the exact procedures and options may vary over time, so referring to the Illicit Encounters website for the most up-to-date instructions and prices is essential.

Illicit Encounters Review 2023 – An In-Depth Look at the Online Dating Platform

What I Liked as a User

During my three-month stint on Illicit Encounters, I had the opportunity to connect with numerous individuals seeking discreet partnerships. One aspect that stood out was the platform’s ability to attract a diverse range of users. From professionals in their 30s to retirees in their 60s, there seemed to be something for everyone.

In my experience, some women actively pursued encounters with “very hot sexy guys,” but it is important to note that not all interactions were solely based on physical attraction. Many conversations went beyond looks and focused on building an emotional connection as well. It is worth mentioning that while illicit encounters boasted a variety of experiences, from passionate dates to adventurous rendezvous, each person’s definition of their best sexual encounter varied greatly.

  • Wide selection of Illicit Encounters: One of the strongest aspects of Illicit Encounters is its impressive selection of potential partners. The platform offers a diverse range of individuals seeking discreet and exciting encounters, ensuring that there are plenty of options to cater to various preferences and desires. Personally, this extensive variety has allowed me to explore different connections and find someone who aligns perfectly with my interests.

  • Attractive and desirable men: Illicit Encounters boasts a wealth of very hot and sexy guys looking for fun and exhilarating experiences. Their physical attractiveness combined with their charming personalities makes the overall encounter more enjoyable and thrilling. As an individual attracted to such traits, it has been a delight to discover these enticing gentlemen through the platform, adding an extra level of excitement to my encounters.

  • Catering to women’s needs: Illicit Encounters understands the desires and needs of women in search of discreet experiences. The platform takes efforts to ensure the safety and privacy of female members, creating an environment where women can confidently explore and engage with like-minded individuals. As a woman, this attention to our requirements instills a sense of trust and encourages greater participation within the community.

  • Unforgettable intimacy and pleasure: Illicit Encounters consistently delivers some of the best sexual experiences I have ever had. The platform facilitates connections that prioritize mutual satisfaction and enjoyment, elevating the encounter to new heights. This emphasis on fulfilling intimacy ensures unforgettable moments filled with passion and desire, leaving a lasting impression. I appreciate the platform’s ability to help me connect with partners who not only possess great chemistry but also understand how to create the best possible sexual encounters.

Illicit Encounters Review 2023 – An In-Depth Look at the Online Dating Platform


The features on Illicit Encounters include both free and paid options. Free members can send virtual kisses to express interest in other users, while gold membership provides additional benefits such as live alerts for new messages and notifications. One unique feature is the ability to send virtual gifts to potential matches, which adds a playful touch to the platform.

These features cater to individuals seeking discreet connections and can help improve self-esteem by facilitating interactions with like-minded individuals. Overall, Illicit Encounters offers a range of functionalities that enhance the user experience for those looking for extramarital affairs or consensual non-monogamous relationships.

  • Virtual gifts: Illicit Encounters offers the option to send virtual gifts, allowing members to express their appreciation or interest in a fun and unique way.
  • Gold membership: Users have the opportunity to upgrade to a gold membership, which provides exclusive access to additional features and benefits beyond those available to standard members.
  • Virtual kisses: Through the platform, users can send virtual kisses as a playful way of showing interest and initiating contact with other members.
  • Live alert and message notifications: Illicit Encounters ensures that members never miss a potential connection by providing live alerts and notifications for new messages, enabling prompt interactions.
  • Boosted self-esteem: By providing a discreet environment for like-minded individuals seeking connections outside of their relationships, Illicit Encounters may help boost self-esteem and feelings of desire or desirability.


A paid subscription to Illicit Encounters comes with a range of benefits, including access to advanced search features and the ability to send and receive unlimited messages. The membership pricing is competitive when compared to other similar platforms in the market. While it’s possible to use Illicit Encounters without paying, the free version is quite limited compared to the added features that come with a paid membership.

Illicit Encounters offers various payment methods for convenience and ease of use.

Users can choose between credit/debit card payments or PayPal. It’s important to note that all memberships are set up on an auto-renewal basis, ensuring uninterrupted access unless cancelled by the user. This allows for seamless continuation of your gold plus membership without any hassle.

Subscription Option Price Features
Basic Membership £139.99 for 3 months Full access to site features and member profiles
View unlimited photos and send unlimited messages
Premium Membership £349.99 for 6 months All the benefits of Basic Membership
Enhanced privacy controls with message filters and discreet billing
Gold Membership £549.99 for 12 months Includes all benefits of Premium Membership
Priority profile listings and advanced search options
Dedicated customer support and guaranteed affair success

Free Services

  • Illicit Encounters offers a free basic membership that allows users to create a profile and browse through other member profiles.
  • The free membership also includes access to the messaging system, enabling users to communicate with other members.
  • Users have the option to upgrade to a paid Gold Plus membership for additional features and benefits.
  • With a Gold Plus membership, users gain enhanced visibility within search results and can send unlimited messages to other members.
  • Membership pricing for Gold Plus memberships varies depending on the duration chosen (1 month, 3 months, or 6 months).
  • It’s essential to note that all paid memberships at Illicit Encounters have an auto-renewal feature, ensuring uninterrupted access to premium features.

  • The Gold Plus Membership is a paid service offered by Illicit Encounters.
  • It provides access to additional features and benefits beyond the free membership option.
  • Membership pricing for the Gold Plus Membership varies depending on the chosen duration of the subscription.
  • Users need to pay for a paid membership in order to enjoy the enhanced offerings and functionality.
  • It’s important to note that the Gold Plus Membership has an auto-renewal feature, ensuring uninterrupted access to the premium services.

The gold plus membership on Illicit Encounters offers several advantages over the free counterpart. With paid membership, users experience enhanced features and an easier user interface, making it much more convenient to navigate through profiles and connect with potential partners. Additionally, opting for a paid membership means avoiding the hassle of manual renewal as it comes with automatic renewal options, ensuring uninterrupted access to all premium services offered by the site.

Profile Quality and User Base

  • Illicit Encounters profiles set themselves apart by catering exclusively to individuals seeking discreet relationships outside of their current commitments.
  • Both male and female users can find like-minded individuals on Illicit Encounters, widening the pool of potential matches to choose from.
  • The majority of Illicit Encounters users have a university education, attracting individuals seeking intellectual connections and stimulating conversations.
  • Unlike other platforms, Illicit Encounters allows users to explore fulfilling, extra-marital connections without sacrificing personal privacy or risking exposure in real-life situations.

During my time on Illicit Encounters, I had the opportunity to explore the user profiles of both male and female users. It was evident that many of these illicit encounters users were looking for discreet connections outside their existing relationships. The profiles varied in terms of content and style, but one common aspect among them was the mention of being university educated. This emphasized the desire for intellectual compatibility alongside physical attraction. Overall, reviewing other users’ profiles provided insight into what individuals sought in an extramarital affair.

By examining various user profiles on Illicit Encounters, it became clear that creating a standout profile required more than just fulfilling basic information requirements. Other users used creative approaches to describe themselves while emphasizing discretion due to their real-life commitments. Incorporating unique hobbies or interests added depth to these profiles and helped attract attention from potential partners seeking a genuine connection beyond superficial desires. Now armed with this knowledge, I am confident in crafting a compelling profile on Illicit Encounters that will pique interest amongst like-minded individuals searching for discreet affairs online.

  • Have a unique and attention-grabbing headline: A catchy headline will make your profile stand out from the rest and pique the interest of illicit encounters users.
  • Use high-quality, attractive photos: Quality photos that portray you in a desirable light will attract more attention from both male and female users on Illicit Encounters.
  • Be genuine and authentic: Users appreciate honesty, so be yourself and showcase your personality to establish a connection with others seeking real-life connections.
  • Highlight your university education: Mentioning your educational background can indicate intelligence and sophistication, appealing to those looking for well-educated partners on Illicit Encounters.
  • Write an engaging and descriptive bio: A detailed and creative bio will spark curiosity among other users and make them want to know more about you, making your profile memorable.
  • Showcase your interests and hobbies: Sharing your passions helps potential matches find common ground, making it easier for them to initiate conversations and connect with you.
  • Highlight your aspirations and goals: Demonstrating ambition and drive in your profile makes you more attractive to others who are also motivated and looking for more than just casual encounters on Illicit Encounters.
  • Be respectful and considerate: Politeness goes a long way when interacting with others on Illicit Encounters. Treating people kindly will set you apart from those with rude or inappropriate behavior.
  • Use humor wisely: Injecting humor into your profile can make you appear fun and approachable, capturing the attention of users who enjoy a good laugh.
  • Update your profile regularly: Keeping your profile fresh and up to date shows that you are an active member of the community and increases the chances of being noticed by new users.

Safety & Privacy

The safety and security of Illicit Encounters is of utmost importance. To ensure the authenticity of its users, the platform employs a verification process, which aids in filtering out potential fakes or bots. Additionally, Illicit Encounters actively fights against fake accounts to maintain a secure environment for its members. For an added layer of protection, it offers a two-step verification option to further safeguard user accounts.

All photos submitted are manually reviewed by the customer support team to prevent inappropriate content from being shared on the site. Illicit Encounters also has a stringent privacy policy to safeguard member data. However, improvements can still be made to address concerns regarding possible future data breaches and increase overall safety measures.

Fake Profiles

Fake profiles and bots are a significant concern on Illicit Encounters, an online platform known for discreet extramarital affairs. Users should be wary of engaging with these fraudulent accounts, as they are created to deceive unsuspecting individuals. To address this issue, Illicit Encounters has established a dedicated customer support team that works diligently to identify and remove fake profiles promptly. Furthermore, the platform takes data security seriously and regularly updates its systems to prevent any potential breaches that could compromise user information.

  • Be vigilant and observant when interacting with profiles on Illicit Encounters to avoid fake accounts or bots.
  • If you suspect a profile is fake, immediately report it to the customer support team at Illicit Encounters for further investigation.
  • Protect your personal information by avoiding sharing any sensitive data online and being cautious of potential scams or phishing attempts, especially after any reported data breaches.


Users can access support on Illicit Encounters through various channels. A dedicated support page is available on their website, providing FAQs to address common queries. Additionally, users can contact support via email for personalized assistance. Response time may vary based on the volume of inquiries received. The availability of a phone number to call for direct support is not stated. In comparison to other alternatives, Illicit Encounters offers a range of support options that cater to different user needs and provide informative resources.

Illicit Encounters provides multiple avenues for users to seek support. With a dedicated support page featuring frequently asked questions, users can quickly find answers to common queries. Personalized assistance is also available via email communication with prompt response times varying based on demand. However, it should be noted that there seems to be no provision for telephone-based customer service unlike some alternative platforms. Nevertheless, the varied options offered by Illicit Encounters ensure users have easily accessible support at their disposal when needed.


Listen up, all you love-struck singles out there! Today I’m here to dish out some brutal honesty about a dating app that claims to spice up your lackluster love life: Illicit Encounters. Consider this my very own “Illicit Encounters Review,” but let me warn you, it won’t be pretty! Picture this: You’re stuck in a disappointing marriage and seeking that much-needed thrill of forbidden romance. Well, folks, Illicit Encounters promises to be your savior from the dreary monotony of matrimony. But trust me when I say this – it’s anything but! Let’s cut through the melodrama and get real for a second. Spending your hard-earned bucks on Illicit Encounters is like throwing them into a bottomless pit – complete waste! This app prides itself on luring vulnerable souls who crave excitement outside their relationship bubble. Sounds tempting, right?

Wrong. Now, don’t get me wrong; I totally understand why someone might consider exploring unconventional avenues when trapped in an underwhelming partnership. But seriously folks, Illicit Encounters ain’t the secret passage you’ve been desperately searching for. First off, this so-called “dating” app seems more like a collection of neglected profiles left by people who are too afraid to make any moves offline. It’s like walking into one of those abandoned houses with cobwebs hanging from every corner – spooky and sad at the same damn time. If you haven’t guessed already (and shame on you if you haven’t), finding genuine connections on Illicit Encounters is rarer than spotting Bigfoot riding a unicorn down Wall Street during rush hour traffic! Your chances of landing Prince or Princess Charming are slimmer than fitting into skinny jeans after Thanksgiving dinner. Not only will your hopes be crushed faster than an ant under high heels, but guess what else takes an unexpected nosedive? Yep, it’s your self-esteem! Trust me, folks, scrolling through a stream of unresponsive or underwhelming profiles will make you question your own desirability. And ain’t nobody got time for that!

So save yourself some heartache and spare those precious pennies. Illicit Encounters is like playing Russian roulette with your love life – except instead of bullets, it’s filled with creeps and disillusionment. Don’t be fooled by their fancy website design; beneath the glossy surface lies disappointment waiting to sucker punch you in the gut. But fear not, my friends! There are still plenty of other dating apps out there swimming in the vast ocean of romance. So do yourself a favor and swim away from the murky waters of Illicit Encounters. Your sanity (and possibly future love life) will thank you! And remember, when it comes to finding love online, choose wisely – because settling for second best is as fulfilling as eating stale popcorn at the movies. Stay fabulous, folks!

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1. Is Illicit Encounters legit?

Yes, Illicit Encounters is a legit online dating platform that caters specifically to individuals seeking discreet relationships outside their current commitments. Unlike other dating sites, it focuses on connecting like-minded adults who understand and respect the need for privacy. For those looking for an exciting and unconventional way to explore new connections, this illicit encounters review reveals a trustworthy option.

2. Is Illicit Encounters safe?

Illicit Encounters is a dating website that focuses on connecting people for discreet and extramarital affairs. While it may sound intriguing, I would be cautious about its safety measures due to the nature of the platform. There are plenty of other online dating sites out there that cater to different needs without compromising your security.

3. What payment methods does Illicit Encounters accept?

Illicit Encounters accepts payment via credit card, debit card, and PayPal. Unlike some other dating websites, they offer a variety of convenient options to make your experience on Illicit Encounters as discreet and hassle-free as possible. So go ahead and spice up your online dating game with this trusted platform!

4. How does Illicit Encounters work?

Illicit Encounters is a top-rated online dating site that caters specifically to people seeking extramarital affairs or discreet connections. Unlike mainstream dating websites, Illicit Encounters focuses on providing a safe and anonymous platform for individuals who are looking to spice up their romantic lives outside of their relationships. If you are tired of the same old other dating sites and want something exciting and adventurous, give Illicit Encounters a try!

5. Is Illicit Encounters worth the money?

As someone who considers herself an online dating expert, I have tried Illicit Encounters and must say it’s worth every penny if you’re looking for discreet fun outside of a committed relationship. While there are plenty of other dating websites out there, Illicit Encounters offers a unique platform tailored specifically to those seeking extramarital excitement with like-minded individuals. Their privacy features and user-friendly interface make it stand out from the crowd in the world of online dating.

6. How to register for Illicit Encounters?

Dude, signing up for Illicit Encounters is easy as cake! Just head to their website and hit the "Join" button. Don’t stress about it, they’re one of the top online dating websites out there – way better than those other dating sites I’ve tried. Oh, and if you wanna know more about what people think of them, just go check out some Illicit Encounters reviews, man!

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