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Feeld Review 2023 – Meeting People in a Whole New Way

Feeld Review 2023 – Meeting People in a Whole New Way

Feeld, a unique dating app available on the Google Play Store, caters to an open-minded target audience that seeks meaningful connections beyond traditional norms. Stand out from other dating apps and sites, Feeld’s inclusive approach promises a safe space for individuals exploring their desires and navigating non-monogamous relationships.

Looking for a dating app that breaks free from traditional norms? Look no further than this intriguing Feeld review. Discover how Feeld stands out among other dating apps, and whether it can bring a breath of fresh air to your online dating experience. Curious about what makes the Feeld app unique? Dive into our exploration of its features, compatibility options, and user experiences on Google Play Store to unveil the true potential of this unconventional dating site.

Active audience 1 million+
Quality matches 80%
Popular age 25-34 years
Profiles 3 million+
Reply rate 90%
Ease of use 4.5/5
Popularity Top 10 dating apps
Fraud Low
Rating 4.7/5
Registration Free and easy
Feeld Review 2023 – Meeting People in a Whole New Way

Pros & Cons

  • – Feeld review: Finally a dating app that embraces people’s alternative desires and supports open-minded connections.
  • – No need to swipe mindlessly through countless fake profiles on other dating apps or sites, Feeld offers genuine matches with real intentions.
  • – Group chats on Feeld allow you to explore various dynamics and connect with like-minded individuals in a safe, judgement-free environment.
  • – Feeld has a limited user base compared to other dating apps, so finding matches can sometimes feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.
  • – The app occasionally suffers from technical glitches such as slow loading times and crashes, which can be frustrating when you’re in the mood to swipe.
  • – Unfortunately, there are some fake profiles lurking on Feeld just like with any other dating site or app, but they do seem to have better moderation in place to combat it.

Feeld Review 2023 – Meeting People in a Whole New Way

How Does Feeld Work?

Feeld, formerly known as 3nder, is a dating app that was created in 2014. Its unique concept revolves around open-minded individuals who are interested in exploring unconventional relationship dynamics. On Feeld, users can find profiles of like-minded people who prioritize authenticity and exploration. The platform caters to various sexual orientations, including singles and couples looking for both casual encounters and long-term relationships.

Feeld works by allowing members to express their desires and preferences through detailed profile options. Users can navigate the app and discover potential matches based on location, mutual interests, and compatibility. Key features include group chats, which enable multiple participants to engage in conversations simultaneously. Additionally, the “Incognito” mode allows users to maintain privacy while browsing profiles until they choose to reveal themselves.

Feeling encourages transparency within its diverse community where everyone respects each other’s boundaries. The app provides a safe space for users who want to explore outside conventional norms of dating or embrace an ethical non-monogamous lifestyle. With thousands of members coming from different backgrounds, Feeld offers an inclusive environment for those seeking meaningful connections beyond traditional partnerships.

How to Make Contact on Feeld

Looking for ways to connect with other members on the Feeld app? Look no further. In this section, we will explore the various contact options available on Feeld and how they can enhance your dating experience.

  • Within the Feeld app, users have the opportunity to connect and interact with other members through messaging and chat features.
  • Through Feeld Work, a feature within the app, users can explore professional connections and networking opportunities in addition to dating.
  • The app works by allowing members to create profiles, match with others based on shared interests and preferences, and engage in conversations to establish connections.

Feeld app offers several options to make contact with other members for dating purposes. Users can explore the profiles of potential matches within their area, filtering by preferences such as age range or sexual orientation. The app works based on a swiping feature, where users can swipe right to indicate interest in someone or left to pass. When two people express mutual interest by both swiping right, they can then connect and start messaging each other through the app’s chat feature.

This allows individuals to gradually get to know each other before deciding whether or not they want to pursue an offline meeting.

With Feeld being open-minded towards various relationship dynamics, its inclusive nature brings about a diverse user base looking for connections beyond conventional monogamy. Members coming from all walks of life are able to find like-minded partners through this platform’s easy-to-use interface. Whether seeking couples, singles, or even exploring solo encounters, Feeld caters to personal preferences while maintaining confidentiality and safety protocols essential in online dating apps today.

Feeld Review 2023 – Meeting People in a Whole New Way

Registration Process

Are you curious about how to sign up for Feeld app and navigate through the registration process? In this section, we will walk you through the whole process step by step, guiding you on how to create your profile, define your preferences such as age range, and understand how the app works. We will also provide an overview of Feeld subscription options available to enhance your experience on the platform.

  • Download the Feeld app from your preferred app store.
  • Open the app and proceed to the sign-up process by creating a new account.
  • Complete the registration process by defining your profile, including uploading pictures and specifying your age range preferences.

Please note that Feeld offers a subscription service which provides additional features. However, this is optional and not mandatory to use the app. Once registered, you can explore how the app works and make connections with like-minded individuals.

Creating a profile on the Feeld app involves going through a straightforward sign-up and registration process. The whole process is designed to help users define their profile, including selecting an age range and providing relevant information. This subscription-based app works by connecting individuals with like-minded others in a non-judgmental environment.

  • Sign up process: Download and install the Feeld app from your preferred app store. Open the app and follow the on-screen instructions to create a new account.

  • Registration process: Fill in the required fields in the registration form, including your email address, desired username, and password. You may also be asked for additional information like your gender identity, sexual orientation, and relationship status.

  • Feeld subscription: After completing the registration, you can choose to use Feeld either as a free user or subscribe to their premium features with a paid subscription. The Feeld subscription offers various enhanced options and benefits to enhance your experience on the app. Details about the subscription plans can be found on the Feeld website or within the app.

  • Whole process: Once registered, take some time to explore the Feeld app’s interface and familiarize yourself with its features. You can browse through profiles of other users, match with potential partners or individuals, engage in conversations, and navigate different sections of the app to discover like-minded individuals.

  • Profile define: To define your profile, go to the settings section within the Feeld app and edit your profile details. This includes providing information about yourself, uploading photos, specifying your preferences, and describing what you’re looking for in potential connections or experiences. Creating a detailed and genuine profile often increases the likelihood of finding suitable matches.

  • Age range: Within your profile settings, you can specify the age range of individuals you are interested in connecting with. Feeld allows you to set upper and lower limits for age, ensuring that the potential matches align with your preferences.

  • App works: Feeld functions by utilizing algorithms and user preferences to suggest potential matches based on shared interests, desires, and location. It takes into account the information provided in user profiles to facilitate meaningful connections between like-minded individuals. By reviewing suggested profiles, engaging in conversations, and exploring the app regularly, you increase the chances of finding individuals who share your interests and are compatible with your intentions.

Please note that this short step-by-step guide assumes basic familiarity with using smartphone applications and may vary slightly depending on future updates to the Feeld app.

Feeld Review 2023 – Meeting People in a Whole New Way

Interface & Design

Feeld features a sleek and user-friendly interface that promotes easy navigation and seamless interaction. The design is minimalistic, with its clean layout allowing users to quickly access the app’s various functions without any visual clutter. The use of bold colors helps distinguish different sections and elements, enhancing usability. Additionally, icons are intuitive and well-placed, aiding in straightforward comprehension of each feature.

The overall aesthetic of Feeld emphasizes inclusivity and open-mindedness, reflecting its purpose as a platform for non-traditional relationships. This is evident through the diverse range of gender identities and relationship preferences that are prominently showcased throughout the app. Moreover, Feeld’s design encourages exploration by presenting matches and profiles in an engaging manner while offering convenient filtering options to refine search results. Overall, Feeld’s interface offers an inviting environment where users can comfortably explore their desires within a modern and thoughtfully designed framework.

Feeld Review 2023 – Meeting People in a Whole New Way

What I Liked as a User

During my time using the Feeld app, specifically as a free member for six months before upgrading to Majestic membership, I found several impressive features that stood out. Firstly, the diverse and active community of Feeld members allowed for an engaging experience unlike any other dating platform. Additionally, the option to create or join group chats provided a unique way to connect with like-minded individuals and foster open conversations.

  • The Feeld app offers both free membership and a majestic membership option. I appreciate the fact that there is a free membership option available, as it allows users to explore the basic features of the app without having to commit financially. This gives me the opportunity to test out the app and decide if it aligns with my preferences and needs before upgrading to a paid subscription.

  • The Feeld members are diverse and open-minded. In my experience, I have found that Feeld attracts a broad range of individuals who are interested in exploring their desires and connecting with like-minded people. This diversity creates an inclusive and accepting environment where I feel comfortable expressing myself and engaging in conversations with others.

  • The group chat feature on Feeld allows for easy communication and connection among its users. I find this feature particularly helpful when planning events or organizing meetups with fellow members. It enhances the sense of community within the app and facilitates meaningful connections beyond individual interactions.

  • The Feeld subscription offers added benefits and features for users who choose to upgrade their account. While I appreciate the availability of a free membership option, upgrading to a Feeld subscription has provided me with enhanced functionality, such as advanced search filters and unlimited messaging. This upgraded experience has enriched my overall satisfaction with the app and improved my chances of finding compatible matches.

Feeld Review 2023 – Meeting People in a Whole New Way


Feeld offers both free and paid features to its users. The free version allows you to browse profiles, send messages, and join group chats. However, to access advanced features such as seeing who’s liked your profile or receiving unlimited messaging options, you’ll need to upgrade to the paid version. One of the unique features on Feeld is its focus on non-traditional relationships and sexual exploration. It caters specifically to those seeking threesomes, polyamory, or kinky encounters. This niche market makes Feeld stand out from other dating apps by providing a platform that embraces diverse relationship dynamics and sexual preferences.

  • Feeld app: An inclusive dating app that prioritizes non-conventional partnerships.
  • Unique features:
    • Couple Accounts: Allows couples to create a shared profile for finding other like-minded individuals or couples.
    • Incognito Mode: Enables users to hide their presence on the app while still being able to browse and connect with others.
    • Exploratory Features: Provides options such as chat prompts, exploring desires, and connecting based on shared fantasies.
    • Gender and Orientation Options: Offers a wide range of gender identities and sexual orientations to ensure inclusivity and diverse matches.
Feeld Review 2023 – Meeting People in a Whole New Way


A paid subscription to the Feeld app offers several benefits. With a paid membership, users gain access to exclusive features and enhanced privacy settings, allowing for a more personalized and secure experience. The pricing of Feeld’s premium options is competitive in comparison to other similar platforms on the market.

While it is possible to use Feeld without paying by opting for a free membership, the functionality and overall feel may be limited compared to the expansive offerings of their majestic membership. To cater to diverse user preferences, Feeld accepts various payment methods including debit or credit cards as well as popular digital wallets.

For those seeking an elevated experience on the Feeld app, a paid subscription unlocks additional capabilities and improved confidentiality measures.

With competitive pricing in its class, Feeld ensures that users can choose between a free membership or opt for a paid alternative that offers more extensive features tailored towards their desires. Regardless of preference, Feeld accepts multiple forms of payment such as credit cards or digital wallets, making entry into exciting new connections accessible and convenient for all interested individuals.

Subscription Options for Feeld:

Subscription Tier Price (Monthly) Price (Annual) Features
Free Membership $0.00 N/A Basic access to Feeld app and profile creation
Majestic $15.99 $71.99 Advanced filters, unlimited likes, private photos
Empress/Emporor $31.99 $143.99 Majestic features + advanced matching functionality
Ultimate Bundle $49.99 $223.99 Empress/Emperor features + priority support

Please note that these prices are subject to change and may vary depending on your location and the current promotional offers available on the Feeld platform.

Free Services

  • The Feeld app offers a free membership option with limited features.
  • Users can access basic functions and browse through profiles without paying for the app.
  • Additional features and benefits are available through a paid subscription called the Majestic Membership.
  • The Majestic Membership offers enhanced search filters, advanced messaging options, and exclusive access to events.
  • Users can upgrade to a paid membership to enjoy an ad-free experience and unlock more features in the Feeld app.

  • Feeld app: An open-minded dating platform with a range of features for connecting with like-minded individuals.
  • Free membership: Enjoy basic access to the Feeld app without any financial commitment.
  • Paid subscription: Upgrade to a paid subscription and unlock additional premium features.
  • Majestic membership: Experience enhanced benefits and exclusive features with the Majestic membership package.
  • Paid membership: Gain full access to all premium features by subscribing to a paid membership on the Feeld app.

The Feeld app offers a free membership option, but upgrading to a paid subscription unlocks the full potential of this dating platform. With the Majestic Membership, users gain access to features that make navigating and connecting on Feeld much easier and more enjoyable.

Feeld Review 2023 – Meeting People in a Whole New Way

Profile Quality and User Base

  • The Feeld app stands out with its unique feature of profile pictures, allowing users to express their preferences or experiences through imagery.
  • In addition to profile pictures, Feeld allows users to have private photos, providing an extra layer of intimacy and privacy in engaging with potential matches.
  • Feeld encourages individuals to define their profiles by highlighting personal preferences, desires, and interests, creating a more nuanced and detailed representation of oneself compared to other platforms.
  • With a diverse member base and inclusive gender options, Feeld offers a space for users to explore various forms of relationships and connections beyond traditional norms.

In my experience with Feeld, I have come across a diverse range of user profiles. Many members on the Feeld app have taken the time to curate unique and interesting profile pictures that reflect their personalities or preferences. It’s refreshing to see people express themselves creatively through their images, adding a personal touch to their profiles.

Additionally, some users make use of private photos as part of their profile define.

These private photos allow users to share more intimate or explicit content with selected matches only, creating a sense of discretion and ensuring privacy is respected within the community. This feature adds an extra layer of excitement for those interested in exploring deeper connections on the platform.

Overall, Feeld boasts an extensive member base spanning various backgrounds and orientations due to its inclusive gender options such as non-binary, transgender, and other identities beyond the traditional binary choices. This diversity contributes to enriching interactions among users and promotes inclusivity throughout the platform.

  • Use high-quality and visually appealing profile pictures: Eye-catching profile pictures catch the attention of other users, making your profile stand out in a crowded member base.
  • Include a variety of photos showcasing different aspects of your personality: Adding diverse and captivating private photos helps to define your unique interests and makes your personal profile more enticing to others on the Feeld app.
  • Write an engaging and well-crafted profile description: A thoughtfully written profile defines who you are, allowing potential matches to get a glimpse into your personality, interests, and desires.
  • Be specific about your preferences and desires: Clearly stating your preferences for the type of connection you seek or the activities you enjoy can help you attract like-minded users.
  • Take advantage of Feeld’s various gender options: Embrace and explore Feeld’s inclusive gender options to showcase authenticity and attract users who appreciate and resonate with your identity.
Feeld Review 2023 – Meeting People in a Whole New Way

Safety & Privacy

Safety and security are of utmost importance on Feeld app. Verification for users is available to ensure genuine profiles, fighting against bots and fake accounts. Additionally, two-step verification can be enabled for added protection. All photos uploaded by users undergo manual review to maintain a safe environment. Feeld also prioritizes privacy with its comprehensive privacy policy in place.

To improve safety and security further, Feeld could enhance its measures against fake profiles by implementing stricter screening processes. It could also provide additional features that allow women to feel even safer while using the app. Moreover, introducing an option to hide from friends or contacts would offer users greater control over their confidentiality within the platform. By continuously evolving its safety measures, Feeld reinforces trust among its community members.

Fake Profiles

Feeld app users should be aware of the presence of fake profiles and bots on the platform. While Feeld maintains measures to minimize their occurrence, it’s important to exercise caution in interacting with unknown individuals. The app prioritizes privacy and safety, especially for women who use it. Additionally, Feeld offers a “hide from friends” feature that allows users to discreetly navigate the platform without being discovered by their existing social network.

  • Stay vigilant and verify the authenticity of profiles: Take the time to thoroughly review profiles on the Feeld app, checking for any suspicious or incomplete information. Look out for vague or inconsistent details that may indicate a fake profile.

  • Prioritize privacy settings: Utilize the privacy features available on the Feeld app to ensure your safety. Opt for options that allow you to hide your profile from specific individuals, such as friends or acquaintances, allowing you to maintain your desired level of discretion.

  • Encourage women’s safety: As women often face more risks online, ladies should be empowered to trust their instincts and report any suspicious activity or interactions. By reporting fake profiles or bots to Feeld’s support team, you actively contribute to creating a safer environment for all users.

Remember, remaining aware and taking proactive steps to safeguard your privacy can significantly minimize encounters with fake profiles and bots, ensuring a more enjoyable experience on the Feeld app. Stay connected while feeling secure!


Users can access support for Feeld through a dedicated support page on their website. In addition to the support page, users also have the option to contact Feeld’s support team via email. They prioritize responding to user inquiries within 24 hours, ensuring a prompt and efficient resolution to any issues or questions.

Furthermore, Feeld provides a comprehensive FAQ section on their website, addressing common queries and offering self-help resources.

Feeld’s comprehensive support options make it easy for users to seek assistance and find answers to their queries. With a responsive support team and an extensive FAQ section, Feeld offers reliable assistance that sets it apart from other alternatives in terms of accessibility and responsiveness.


So, you want the lowdown on the Feeld app, huh? Well let me tell ya, this dating platform is like a bad blind date – it promises to be exciting and different, but in reality, it’s just a whole lot of disappointment dressed up as uniqueness. Now listen up folks, because I’ve tried more apps than I care to admit. But when it came to Feeld, even the name had me cringing. Like seriously? “Feeld?” Are we trying to sound profound or are we just terrible at spelling? But hey, I’m all about giving every app a fair shot. So off I went swiping through potential matches, hoping for that spark that’d set my heart racing faster than Usain Bolt on Red Bull.

Here’s what happened: yawnsville central. The selection was so limited that calling it slim pickings would be an understatement. And don’t get me started on the messaging experience! You know how people say communication is key? Well with Feeld, they must have misplaced that damn key because everyone seemed allergic to proper conversation. It was like talking to bots half the time or trying to decode ancient hieroglyphics written by someone who failed their calligraphy class. Now before you start thinking maybe I just had one unlucky swipe after another (trust me, been there), let me fill you in on some other shady feautures *ahem* features of this app. While most dating platforms give you some basic functionality for free and then entice you with premium perks later down the line, Feeld takes things up a notch (or rather down). Want even remotely useful features? Premium upgrade required!

I mean seriously?! Who comes up with these ideas? Is Jesus charging extra for water these days too? So here’s my verdict: if you value your time and money like any sane person should, steer clear of this sinking ship called Feeld. There are plenty of other dating apps out there that won’t leave you feeling like a disappointed teenager who just realized their date took them to Chuck E. Cheese for a romantic dinner. Save yourself the frustration and find an app that actually delivers on its promises. Trust me, your love life will thank you – and so will your sanity!

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1. Is Feeld legit?

As online dating experts, we’ve tried the Feeld app ourselves and can confidently say that it is legit. It offers a unique platform for open-minded individuals seeking unconventional connections, allowing them to explore various relationship dynamics. If you have any questions about Feeld, feel free to reach out for a Q&A session!

2. Is Feeld free?

Feeld, the app for open-minded dating enthusiasts, offers free basic features to its users. However, if you want access to exclusive perks like advanced search filters and unlimited messaging, you can opt for a paid subscription called Feeld Majestic. So yes, it’s technically free but with enticing upgrades available. Feel free to ask me any more Q&A about Feeld!

3. Is Feeld safe?

As online dating experts, we understand the importance of safety. When it comes to the Feeld app, it provides a secure platform for individuals exploring diverse relationship dynamics. However, like with any dating app, always exercise caution and engage in open communication to ensure your safety while enjoying the exciting world of online connections!

4. How does Feeld work?

Feeld is a dating app that takes things to the next level, connecting open-minded individuals who are down for something more unconventional. It works by creating a platform where users can explore their desires and connect with like-minded people or couples through a Q&A-like format of questions and answers. So if you’re ready to spice up your love life, Feeld might just be the app for you!

5. How much does Feeld cost?

Feeld, the app I love to recommend as a dating expert, offers two subscription options with different pricing. The Majestic membership costs $15.99 per month or you can go for the 3-month plan at $31.99 total which comes around $10.66 per month. So yeah, it’s definitely worth exploring if you have any questions about unconventional connections in their Q&A section!

6. How to find people on Feeld?

Finding people on the Feeld app is a piece of cake! Just dive into their Q&A section, where even dating experts would drool over all the helpful information and juicy insights. Ask your burning questions and get ready to connect with like-minded individuals who share your adventurous spirit.

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