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Dating Tips for Men: Six Signs She’s Flirting with You

Men are always asking me: How can I tell if she’s flirting with me so I don’t make a fool of myself by approaching her?  Research shows that the best way is to study her body language. Usually the parts of her body that are moving in or toward you in an unconscious way can tell you a lot about what is really going on.  Consciously a woman may be shy or playing hard to get by twisting her upper body away, but her arms and legs can show you where her interest really is.  So here are six signs she is flirting with you:


  1. Her toes are pointed in your direction
  2. When sitting down with her legs crossed she unconsciously shakes her top leg up and down—this is especially strong if she has a sling-back FMP shoe on and it is dangling
  3. She mirrors your body position and breathing rate
  4. She talks excitedly about an upcoming event that dovetails with your interests
  5. She unconsciously rubs her arm or leg as she talks to you
  6. She goes into the “please help me” game


 To confirm that she’s interested, start asking the woman friendly questions, then listen and watch carefully to see if she starts opening up nonverbally–orienting toward you and mirroring your body positions.  If she does, it’s time to deliver a sincere compliment.  And finally, if you feel a connection, throw out a test question, like asking her to have coffee, getting together, or going to an activity she seems to like “maybe” or “some time.”   If she is the least bit positive in her response, close the deal and make a date immediately.


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