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5 Best Birthday Gift Ideas For Him

While women are very clear on wanting a special birthday gift, men are usually a puzzle.  What then should one do about getting a male significant other a gift on his birthday?  Well, in order to answer this complex gift question, we need to probe deep into the minds of men.  And when we get all the way in, using functional MRI uber-imaging, we discover some fascinating and revealing images.  Hmm.  Let’s summarize them:  Sex.  Sports.  Sex.  Sports.  Sex.   And at the very bottom, near the mid-brain, we find: Video Gaming. BTW,  to learn how to really please your lover/partner/spouse take advantage of my FREE ongoing support. You can learn EXACTLY how by subscribing to my Dating Tips & Relationship Advice Newsletter, absolutely FREE!  Click Here to get started now.

So now back to what men like and want, here are five key birthday gift ideas that I suggest for him: couple hohlding banner

  1. surprise gift ambush in the bedroom wearing that short nightie he loves.  Nothing drives up high levels of juicy dopamine, the brain chemical of loving affection, better than a surprise gift or novelty gift.  A small glass of wine can help too.
  2. gift coupon good for complete silence during his favorite sport on TV.  Better yet, leave or send him to a sports bar to scream himself silly over a basket.
  3. Performing a sexual act of loving affection that he longs for (the one you almost never do).  For extra gift points, this can be done at half-time .
  4. Gift tickets to a game he would absolutely freak out over.  Or the latest and greatest role-playing video game for his gaming console.   If you want to go for an over the top gift, become a fan of any game he is into so you grunt, scream, hoot and howl together.  Or get into a rock video game and form your own band.  Remember, the couple that plays together stays together.
  5. Performing a sexual act of loving affection that he longs for (the one you almost never do) a second time.  Definitely not when there are three minutes or less left in his game.


Seriously, I am not saying that men do not value deep intimacy, connection and verbal sharing.   They do.  But for men in committed relationships, a birthday gift that shows your caring through sexuality, passion and understanding will go a long way to deepening your relationship.   A man needs his own separate space and time even more than you do.  Paradoxically, giving it to him on his birthday will help him to feel closer to you.  And a whole lot happier.  So the bottom line is: try to give him what he wants and needs on his birthday.  Chances are he will do the same for you.

[ The “Birthday” According to Wiki ] birthday, as the term implies, is the anniversary of the particular day on which a person was born.  A birthday is celebrated in numerous cultures, often with gift giving, a party and birthday cake.  The birthday cake is traditionally highly decorated.  It is also common for the person celebrating their birthday to cut the initial piece of the birthday cake.  On the first birthday, there may be one candle in the shape of the numeral one, and on the tenth birthday there may be two candles on the birthday cake shaped accordingly.  In addition to parties, it is common for people to receive a gift on their birthday.  Sometimes it is expected of whomever is celebrating their birthday to treat their party guests to a gift instead.  The origin of birthday gift giving originates from the gift giving celebration of Christmas.  In most English-speaking countries it is traditional to sing the song Happy Birthday to You to the guest-of-honor celebrating a birthday.  Happy Birthday songs are common worldwide along with greeting cards and verbal greetings with messages such as “I wish you a Happy Birthday” or “Happy Birthday.” [ The “Gift” According to Wiki ] gift or a present is the transfer of something without the expectation of receiving something in return.  Although gift giving might involve an expectation of reciprocity, a gift is meant to be free.  The act of mutually exchanging a gift, money, goods, etc., may contribute to social cohesion.  Economists have elaborated gift economics into the notion of a gift economy.   By extension, the term gift can refer to anything that makes the other happier or less sad. [ “Ideas” According to Wiki ] Ideas usually refer to a person’s thought or concept.  Ideas can be of several types categorized by how other people perceive them and include:  simple ideas, novel ideas, dangerous ideas, delusional ideas and psychotic ideas. 


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