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I am so excited to introduce my newest web series, “Top Secrets for Lasting, Passionate Love”. In 3 exciting episodes, I will share vital tips on cultivating intimacy, showing appreciation and gratitude and practicing “care-full” communication. All aimed at bringing you closer to the one you love.


Together with my partner, Tom Clifton, cofounder of Animoto (the online video creation site), we’ll show you how easy and powerful it is to use VIDEO to create personal meaningful expressions of love.


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When’s the last time you and your partner took the evening off for a romantic evening or special date? Do you ever wonder where that spark went? During this series I’ll be talking about “Cultivating Intimacy”…how to revitalize that special, “in love” feeling between you and your partner…using Video!


Tom Clifton, co-founder of Animoto (the online video creation site), is going to show us how to do this with video! It’s so simple and easy – you can pull it off in just a few minutes. Check it out in these videos! So easy to do and yet it will make such a profound impact on your relationship! The ultimate gift.


Get started creating a video for your loved one. Sign up for Animoto Plus and you will get a free HD credit using the promo code “LoveInHD”!


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What Draws A Man In To Connect Deeply and Commit To A Woman? What if it were possible to transform a painful relationship and the anxiety of an unknown romantic future into a committed and “forever” love? To feel chosen, secure and appreciated by The One you really want?Video Series

You can deepen any relationship—even if you have been dating two months, on and off for 10 years, or in any relationship where you feel uncertain, tense, or afraid that it is ending. Even if your partner has cheated.


Well, my acclaimed new relationship and dating advice book, Sealing the Deal: The Love Mentor’s Guide to Lasting Love shows you exactly how to do just that and create a loving, lasting relationship and happiest-ever-after in the process. See why, 14 top self-help and relationship and dating advice experts, from renowned physician, Dr. Christiane Northrup to bestselling author, John Gray agree, in their rave advance reviews of the relationship and dating advice book, Sealing the Deal: The Love Mentor’s Guide to Lasting Love.

The Widely Aclaimed Followup to the Bestseller
“Love in 90 Days”

Hi! My name is Dr. Diana Kirschner. You may know me from my guest appearances as a relationship and dating advice expert on The Today Show, the 90 Day Love Challenge on the Fox Morning Show or my PBS Special on Finding Your Own True Love. And many of you have read my best-selling dating advice book, Love in 90 Days: The Essential Guide to Finding Your Own True Love. Here’s the weird part: when I was younger I was very shy and struggled with painful HEARTBREAKS in dating. I wanted the guys who didn’t want me, settled for crumbs and had stretches where I simply hung out with Ben & Jerry (Cherry Garcia).


But I am overjoyed to tell you I discovered precious secrets about dating and relationships that allowed me to create love beyond my wildest dreams! Not only for myself–with my terrific husband of over 25 years–but for thousands of others. True love actually exists and it can last for a lifetime! I mean with the hot sexy in-love parts still going strong. There’s actually serious research on this topic that’s been done all over the world with tens of thousands of couples. There are even brain-imaging studies of happy couples who’ve been together over 20 years!

Sealing The Deal bookcover


My life’s work has been to study those findings and apply them in real life with my male and female clients, students and with the many therapists I’ve trained. The result: thousands have found lasting love. Now it can happen for you. What they learned is in my new relationship and dating advice bookSealing the Deal: The Love Mentor’s Guide to Lasting Love


Thousands of singles found true love following the principles in Love in 90 Days. But then they wrote to me asking, “Just how do I go from casual to committed?” “We have been dating for years and I want to take the next step forward. Please let me know.” “I have been in a great relationship, but now it is falling apart. Help!” So I went on to write a new book that answers all these questions and shows you how do deepen any love relationship, whether you have been dating a few months or on again, off again for seven years. Even if he has cheated!


To see what John Gray, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Arielle Ford and many other self-help gurus have to say about my new relationship and dating advice book, Sealing the Dealclick hereYou’ll also get a detailed inside look at Sealing the Deal and it’s on sale now at almost 50% off.


So hurry & get your copy of my relationship and dating advice book Sealing the Deal online or at a bookstore near you today. You will instantly receive these FREE Bonus Gifts with must-have relationship advice to help you begin your process, including: three Free relationship and dating advice E-reports, a private URL for over 40s, and two hour-long MP3s.


To claim all these FREE gifts, simply purchase my relationship and dating advice book, Sealing the Deal online or at a bookstore and then go to and fill in your purchase information.


And to help you work the Love in 90 Days and Lasting Love Programs I’ve started a professional Love Mentoring™ service. You can work with an expert Love Mentor™ who is happily married him/herself. So they walk the talk. Not only that each one is closely supervised by me. To celebrate this service I can give you a FREE personalized one-on-one 40 minute Love Mentor™ coaching session by phone or Skype for FREE!! Click Here for more details, because the slots are going fast!


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Dr. Diana

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